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Saturday, 6/10 7 Weeks Out

Yoke 4x (2 x 45’), 375, 375, 375, 375

Farmer Walk Runs 4 x (2 x 45’), 120, 120, 120, 120

Wheelbarrow Simulator – 40’ 135P/135B/195Y, 135P/185B/195Y, 135P/105TB/195Y

Stone load triples to 56” – 8x 3 w/ 0:30s rest between sets, 122, 122, 122, 122, 122, 135, 135, 135

Feeling pretty good about training today.  I came in feeling strong.

I increased the weight for the speed yoke, and it was much more challenging.  I still felt fast, but I had to work much harder for it. I’m really enjoying having yoke back in the rotation.

I added light farmers back to test this out.  Farmers had been irritating the hip injury, especially with turns.  I don’t plan to train turns for some time, but I’m glad to get my farmers back.  They were super light, but felt good.

Then I had a bit of a strongman epiphany.  Next competition has a wheelbarrow event. So, I flipped my yoke on its side and put it on the prowler. Then I laid a barbell across the yoke and used the side pins as handles.  It was a challenge.

I finished up with some speed stone triples. I wanted to do the 18” 167, but after the extra work with the wheelbarrow, the lats were too tired to maintain a hold on the stone. I did redeem myself a bit by going up to the 135 stone for the last 3 sets.

A solid day and I’m looking forward to the next competition quite a bit.

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