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Saturday, 6/24 5 Weeks Out

Yoke 4x (2 x 45’), 285, 375, 465, 555 – 20’

Wheelbarrow Simulator – 40’ 135P/225B/195Y, 135P/225B/195Y

Stone load 48” – 2 x 75s, 167 x 2, 167 x 3

Today is USS Nationals and I’m a bit down.  I wanted to be there this year, but life had other plans for me. I definitely wasn’t in the best frame of mind coming into today’s events training, and I struggled a bit.

Yoke did not feel great.  I decided to experiment with adding a hard belt to the soft belt at the end, and it didn’t go well. I totally ran out of air, and only got about 20’ with the 555.  I decided to call it since I don’t have yoke coming up in a meet and I don’t need it right now.

Next, I set up my “pretend wheelbarrow” as I’ve been thinking of it. I loaded it up with 225 on the bar portion.  It was heavy enough that I couldn’t make it a whole trip without a drop.  Pulling it back to reset was tough too.

I finished up with stones. I was happy to be able to lap the 200# stone twice.  I hadn’t actually done that since before nats last year, so that is a good sign.  Can’t load it quite yet though.  I feel like if it had just a little more texture I could get it. I think I’ll have it soon though.

Overall not a bad day, especially considering the circumstances.  Hopefully this will all be over soon, but it’s tough right now.

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