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Wednesday, 7/5 3 Weeks Out

Speed Log Press Away – 8 x 3 reps, @ 120

Close Grip Bench – 3 x 8, 115, 115, 115

Db Press Neutral Grip – 3 x 10, 50, 50, 50

Band Pushdowns w/2s hold regular grip – 2 x 10, Purple, Purple

Band Pushdowns w/2s hold hammer grip – 2 x 10, Purple, Purple

Db front raise – 3 x 12, 15, 15, 15

Db lateral raise – 3 x 12, 15, 15, 15

I decided to do speed log today instead of higher weight repetition log for two reasons.  One – I was feeling a bit beat up and Two – There’s a chance the weight classes will be combined and my log weight will drop again.  The speed log felt pretty solid and the rest of the day went well.

Close grip bench was feeling good and the neutral grip dumbbell presses were feeling good as well.

The band pushdowns are definitely giving me a good tricep pump.  The front and lateral raises are feeling strong and growing the shoulders.

Overall a decent day.  Feeling like I could use some bodywork and looking forward to my precompetition Deload. One more week to grind through.

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