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Wednesday, 4/26

Speed Log – 8 x 3 reps 0:30s between sets, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90, 90

Band Pushdown with 2s hold, regular grip – 2 x 10 reps, black, black, black

Band Pushdown with 2s hold, hammer grip – 2 x 10 reps, black, black, black

Db front raise – 3 x 12, 12, 12, 12

Db lateral raise – 3 x 12, 8, 8, 8

Getting ready for Saturday’s meet, so today’s session is slightly modified in that I cut the close grip bench and the dumbbell pressing.

The speed log felt solid, though my abs were sore from yesterday. Feeling a bit nervous about the pressing event weights on Saturday, but ready or not, Saturday is coming.

The band pushdowns I like a lot, and I moved up to the next band level.

I superset the front and lateral raises.  Both felt good, … Read More »


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Tuesday, 4/25

Ladder Drills – 4 x 4, Double tap, lead foot out, fox trot, heel/toe step

Cone Shuttle Drill – 4 x 3

Side Bends – 2 x 15, 25, 25

Hanging Leg Raises – 3 x 15, 15, 15, 15

Feeling kinda beaten up after my ART work yesterday, but hoping to perk up after another day.

The ladder drills felt good. It always helps to get some blood moving, even if I’m not in the mood. I feel like I improved a bit on the cone shuttle, but I want to keep that in for a while.  I’m rust at this changing direction rapidly stuff.

The side bends were still work and the hanging leg raises were pretty tough. Good to get some solid ab work in.

I felt much better by the end of this session, and I’m looking forward to the hot tub … Read More »


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Monday, 4/24

Squat – 2 x 8, 200, 200

Axle Press Away – 2 x 4, 125, 125, 125, 125

Barbell Hip Thrust – 3 x 8, 60, 80, 80

Calf Raises – 3 x 25, 60, 60, 60

Feeling pretty reasonable today, but mildly uneven.  Not sure Farmer walk turns were a good idea on Saturday.  Luckily, they’ll be over after the meet on Saturday.

Squats were mildly uncomfortable, but not heavy.  Hoping to see some improvement with my movement here soon.

The axle felt pretty rough, I’ll be honest.  I really struggle with implements I don’t like.  But, it didn’t feel heavy, so that was a good sign.

The barbell hip thrusts felt good, and I think that is a solid addition to the program.  I really like the change to Cube 3.0 so far.  It’s getting me into things I haven’t done in a while.

Calf … Read More »


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Saturday, 4/22

Agility Ladder work

Pressing Medley 55# CDB, 80# Axle, 120# Log, 2 x 60s, 7, 8

Farmer Walk w/turn – 100, 100, 120

Descending Deadlift – 185

Sandbag Load – 130#

Some various event demos

Prowler Reverse/Low – 225 x 4

Today I got a bit off plan with some new people who came in on Strongman Saturday.  I had a lot of fun and probably was better off preparing for next weekend’s meet rather than staying on plan.

We went through a speed round of the medley which felt pretty good.  Not sure how it will actually go in the meet, but I’m less worried since USS nats is out this year. The other events in the meet are not heavy, so I’m not concerned.

We worked some descending deadlift, and some farmer turns.  The deadlift felt pretty solid, but farmer turns have been bothering the hip.  … Read More »


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Thursday, 4/20

Deadlift – 3 x 4 reps, 315, 315, 315

Deadlift Start Rows – 2 x 8 reps, 185, 185

Shrugs – 3 x 15, 185, 225, 275

Db Rows – 3 x 10, 70, 70, 70

Rear Delts – 3 x 15, 15, 20, 20

Barbell curls – 2 x 10, 45, 50

Circus Dumbbell – 1 x 7ea, 75, 75

Feeling solid coming into today, and excited to pull heavyish again.  The weight definitely felt heavier in my head than in my hands.  I felt a bit uneven on the first set, but much better on the second two sets. Felt very positive after this. I may actually be on the comeback trail.

The deadlift start rows felt solid.  Haven’t done them in a while, and I can probably go up here.

Shrugs felt great and I went up every set. I haven’t done them in a … Read More »


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Wednesday, 4/19

Speed Axle w/0:30s between sets – 8 x 3 reps, 85, 85, 85, 85, 85, 85, 85, 85

3 Board Press – 3 x 8 reps, 135, 145, 155

Dips – 3 x max w/purple band, 8, 9, 9

Band Pushdowns w/2s hold (regular grip) – 2 x 10, black, black

Band Pushdowns w/2s hold (hammer grip) – 2 x 10, black, black

Db lateral raise – 3 x 12, 8, 8, 8

My weight is moving in the right direction again.  Feeling like it’s time to get moving on the leaning out as well.

Speed axle was easy, and I should probably do more here.  The 3 board press needed some calibration, but felt solid.

Dips have been out of my programming for a while, and seem ok if I don’t hit them too hard.  Max might be a bad description of what I was actually … Read More »


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Tuesday, 4/18

Ladder Drills – 4 x 4-6 reps

Cone Drills – 4 x 3-4 reps

HIIT – 10 min, 40s jog, 20s Prowler Sprint

Side Bends – 2 x 15, 25#, 15, 15

HLR – 3 x 15, 15, 15, 15

Today is day two on Cube and I will admit I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this session. It was a little harder than I imagined, so that made me happy. I have appreciated the speed of the sessions in the program so far.

Ladder felt great, but the in/out squat was tough.  I did a cone shuttle as my cone drill and it needs some work.

The HIIT was a tough Prowler jog combo.

I smirked at the side bends, but they were no joke. Haven’t done them in a really long time. I superset these with the hanging leg raises and it was … Read More »


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Monday, 4/17

Speed Squat 0:30s rest between sets – 8 x 2, 150, 150, 150, 150, 150, 150, 150, 150

Log Press Away – 2 x 4, 135, 135, 135, 135

Walking Lunges – 3 x 15, Hammer, Hammer, Hammer

Calf Raises – 3 x 25, 60, 60, 60

First official day on the Cube 3.0 for Strongman. The speed squats felt solid. I enjoyed the specified rest intervals, it made things move quickly. Focusing on driving evenly on the squats, and did pretty well with it.

Log felt solid at heavier weight than I’ve done in weeks. I’ll push that next time, but using this week to calibrate where I am with everything since the move and rehab work.

Walking lunges felt great, but a bit of a twinge in the right hip flexor towards the end.  I’ll keep an eye on that.

Calf raises are not … Read More »


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Saturday, 4/15

Agility Ladder work

Yoke – 335 x 4, 60s rest between runs

Farmer Walk – 120 x (4×2), 60s rest between runs

Stone to 50” – 122 x 8 x 2, 30s rest between sets

Foam Roll

I am trying out the cube for Strongman 3.0 program starting today.  It should start on a Monday, but I’m doing the first Saturday today because I wanted a sneak preview.  I’ll probably just do it again next week, since I should be deloading before my comp.

I am guessing on the weights here, but figured I’d start out conservative with yoke.  No knee sleeves, no belt, just speed work. I think I may have to up the run count here since I only have 50’.

I did up the run count on the farmers, and I increased the weight from the original estimate.  It felt good to move … Read More »


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Tuesday, 4/11

Warmup with rehab work

There’s what I was programmed to do, and then there’s what actually happened. I think I’m done with this high rep nonsense.  I can’t run a program that I hate this much. Also, I’m not sure I’m actually improving. I’ve decided to bag the rest of the day, Deload the rest of this week and start fresh on Saturday.

My motivation is not something I generally have to reach for once I’m warmed up, and I just can’t seem to find it with this program. I think it did its job, and now it’s time to get back to doing what I do best.


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