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Saturday, 2/11

Agility Ladder work

18” Deadlift – 135 x10, 185 x7, 225 x6, 275 x5, 315 x5, 315 x5, 365 x5, 405 x5

Farmer’s Walk – 100, 150, 170, 190

Sandbag load to 54” – 130/175, 130/175

Sandbag load & yoke finisher – 3x 60s 130# 54”

Running a bit heavy today on events day.  Not too worried since I’m 11 weeks out.  Plenty of time to come down a couple of pounds.

We decided to do some 18” deadlifts today, and just go up in sets of 5.  I went to 405, and just couldn’t quite get 455#. I managed to get it off the blocks, but couldn’t quite lock it out.  I’ll keep working on that in the future, but it doesn’t come up much for me in competitions.

After that, we did some farmers. I decided to skip the turns since my wrists have been bothering me.  I went up to 190# per hand on the top loaders, which was a solid effort.

We did some high sandbag loads to 54”. That height is challenging for me, but I managed.

We finished with my sadistic sandbag load/yoke run finisher.  We kept the bar high, which meant it was a bit higher than my yoke height and a bit draggy but challenging.  This wore us out pretty effectively.

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