Don’t Want to Do Cardio Today?

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Try this… Db or Kettlebell swing / Burpee superset
Start at 15 swings and 1 burpee and inverse the number of reps until you reach 1 swing and 15 up downs.
How to perform the exercises:
1. Swing:

  1.  Grab a dumbbell or kettlebell and hold with an overhand grip, feet shoulder width apart, knees flexed
  2.  With an arched back and straight arms reach between legs behind your but by flexing at the hip.
  3.   Now explosively extend the hips forcing the weight upward towards chest heigh
  • Try to limit the shoulder recruitment by focusing on thrusting the hips forward.

2. Burpee  (also known as a squat thrust):

  1. Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground.
  2. Extend your feet back in one quick motion to assume the push up position.
  3. Begin in a standing position feet shoulder width apart.
  4. Return to the squat position in one quick motion.
  5. Return to an upright standing position
  • you can also add a pushup for an added challenge.

Try to do complete with little to no rest in between sets. Record your time and try to beat it next time.

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