Want to get in a quick workout outside of the gym today?

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Try this workout it requires only a kettlebell, a sledge hammer, a medball, a brick or cement wall and an old tire or two. It’s great for the core and will get your heart rate up.

What you’ll need:

  – Kettlebell: any weight will work but try to get one that you can perform swings for 15 to 20 reps.

– Sledge hammer: you can buy a 10 lb sledge hammer at Lowes for around $30, but can use anyone you have.

– Tire: we use old tractor tires, you can get these for free at most places that sell large tires. Just ask to look through the scrap pile. If    you don’t have the room to store a large tire you can get 1 or 2 regular size tires. Just stack them or place one on top of something a foot or two above the ground.

   – Med Ball: We use 10 lb – 20 lb Dynamax balls (soft med balls) but you can use any med ball just adjust your distance from the wall to the rate of bounce.

– Wall: find a wall that you can throw your med ball off of without damaging the wall (if it’s not your wall I suggest getting permission first).

The Workout:

Set up everything in an area big enough to perform all three exercises but close enough to move from station to station quickly.

1. Kettlebell swings: feet just wider than shoulder width, knees flexed, holding kettelbell with both hands palms down. Reach kettlebell between legs behind your butt with elbows extended. Forcefully thrust hips forward forcing the weight upward to chest height. You want to limit your shoulder involvement using your posterior chain to move the weight. In other words if the weight goes beyond the height of your chest it is from the force of your hips rather than using your shoulders.

   Tip: I like to think of the weight preceding shoulder recruitment here.

Perform 15-20 reps.

2. Sledge hammer overhead chops: grab  the sledge hammer with two hands, reach over your head behind your body. Activating the lats and abs explosively chopping down on tire.

Tip: keep your feet just wider than your shoulders. You can get more out of this by adding in a small jump as you slam the weight down. You can use your entire body by flexing your knees and bending at the waste while flexing your abs and pulling with your lats during the chop.

perform 30 reps

3. Med Ball side toss: grab med ball with both hands while standing with the wall at your right side, feet shoulder width apart. Using your obliques rotate and throw the ball at the wall catching it as it bounces back.

perform 15 reps on right side then switch position and perform 15 reps on your left side.

 Try doing this for 4 sets with little to no rest in between sets.


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